Lumin Wars

A high stakes strategy stand-off card game all about predicting your opponents’ next move! In this epic battle for glory, all players continue to participate in rounds of battle until there is one ship left. Each round every player will pick and reveal one card from their hand at the same time, in an attempt to attack other players, defend their ship, and manage their basic resources.

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The 5-8 Player Expansion

A useful expansion to the game Lumin Wars; This epic deck adds 64 Action Cards to your arsenal of fun! With an extra set of Action Cards, this deck will allow you to play Lumin Wars with up to 8 people!

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The CyberSpace Expansion:

An incredible addition to the Lumin Wars Card Game! This epic deck adds 18 Special Action Cards to your arsenal of fun! With 9 new unique Special Action Card Types, this deck will allow you to mix and match whatever Special Action Cards you wish to include in any game.

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The Internaut Expansion:

An extra box of strategies to spice things up! This expansion contains 16 new unique Role Cards. This will allow you to deal up to 8 Role Cards to each player at the start of the game, or up to 4 Role Cards if you are using the 5-8 Player Expansion. Each new Role Card has a unique set of stats, making each one a new strategy to choose from.

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Reflections on the Lumin Wars Project

As one of my biggest projects, I have a soft spot for this card game. It actually started as an online mobile game. If you dig hard enough, you may still be able to find .APK’s of the game online. But I would NOT recommend playing it. The concept was simple. Take the fire, load, block effect and add extra actions. The way the game was implemented into my first digital iterations of it was awful.

After finally giving up on the game after a year of balancing it, I put the project out of my mind.

It was a random stab in the dark months later to try and print each action on a card, and turn it into a card game. I had no idea if it would work or how the rules would function, but I did that. And my friends immediately became 300% more interested in the project. After 4 iterations of the project, and 3 different card game manufacturers, Lumin Wars now sits in its best form along side 3 expansions to the game.

A fourth expansion containing 18 event cards is the next addition I wish to work on. However, development will have to wait for a few years, if at all. The deck would be used to draw an event each round, affecting random cards, and mixing up the prediction tactic in the game.

Upon showing the game to new friends who have never seen the game’s previous iterations, I’ve learned that as a game, Lumin Wars has many downfalls. The learning curve is high, the rules are unusual and hard to remember. And the high number of special actions that a player can use make the game feel more random and reliant upon memory of cards to new players. It is not a perfect card game by any stretch of the imagination. For those who knew how the game came to be, the card game was intuitive and thrilling. But for outsiders, it is very hard to have fun with until you learn all the nooks and crannies of the game.

After having studied and learned more game development concepts and theory, I recognize the mistakes in the assumptions Lumin Wars is built off of. One day I might make a spin off or sequel to the game that addresses these mistakes to create a more compact, less complicated game. But until then, if you want to learn what me and my friends find so incredible about this game, you’ll just have to put the work into learning to play it.