Lumin Wars The Card Game

Project Status: Complete

An epic cosmic battle medium. It’s like If Exploding Kittens and Dominion had a child. Or if Rock Paper Scissors was on steroids.


A cool pinball style endless scroller! Try it out today!

Project Status: Complete – Under constant improvement

Gold Elephant Gift Exchange

A better way to host your white elephant party.

Project Status: Released – Under additional development.

3D Print Models

All of my public 3D printing files can be found on thingiverse. I only have one project public right now, but I will add more if I make any.

Project Status: Complete

Construct 3 Asset Store

I sell a small handful of digital game design assets on Scirra’s new Construct 3 asset store.

Project Status: Complete


Here is a list of my currently public projects. Feel free to look around! let me know if you have any questions. Every once in a blue moon, I’ll send out an email announcing a new project or major update. If you think you would be interested in that, please sign up below.

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