⭐Lumin Wars The Card Game

An epic cosmic battle medium. A quick paced game of prediction reaction, and recourse management.

Project Status: This is the Final Draft. One more major update is planned.


A sleek pinball style endless scroller! Try it out today for free!

Project Status: Most of the features are complete. A UI and graphics overhaul is coming soon.

⭐ Elsewhere

A This top down puzzler will tickle your brain while providing the epic story of a lost soul trying to appeal to his creator’s law. In this journey between worlds, you learn the story of a broken people, divided by the disagreement you are sent to solve.

Project Status: ‘Concept’ Released – Future development planned

My Music Generating Software

I threw together a proof of concept for a type of software that could generate sound meaningful enough to pass as background music or audio for a game or video. Feel free to play around with it or use some computer generated audio in one of your projects. Note that in it’s current form this software can only play audio, not export it or play audio in real time inside another project, although a future version could include embeddable code to allow games to generate the audio live.

Project Status: ‘Concept’ Released – Future development possible.

Gold Elephant Gift Exchange

A better way to host your white elephant party. Try it out today for free!

Project Status: ‘Concept’ Released – Future development planned

3D Print Models

All of my public 3D printing files can be found on Thingiverse. Download them today for free!

Project Status: Complete

Construct 3 Asset Store

I sell a small handful of digital game design assets on Scirra’s new Construct 3 asset store.

Project Status: Complete – Constantly Updated


A fictional story writing project taking place across all projects labeled with a ⭐ character. In any project labeled with a ⭐, a deeper fictional story can be found in the project. All these stories take place in the same fictional World, called the CrocosmNet. Fitting these stories together into one big defective legend is amazing fun. Some of the stories may be based on real world events, but it is assumed the CrocosmNet is at the very least, a parallel world to our own reality. The title CrocosmNet steams from the terms ‘Macrocosm’ and ‘Internet’.

Project Status: Implementation – Just getting started


If any of those projects looked interesting to you, think about signing up for this email listing. Every once in a blue moon, I’ll send out an email announcing a new project or major update. If you think you would be interested in that, please sign up below. It’s like literally twice a year, if I remember to.

Big Thanks!

This paragraph is a feeble attempt at giving a big thanks to all of those friends and family of mine who encourage these projects and help make them possible. Many of my friends have given me feedback on these projects for several years, even before I knew what they where going to become. So this is a shout-out to:


And dozens and dozens of other friends that I don’t have permission to mention here and whom I have no alias for. I have a big list guys. So thanks.

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